April Jobs Report

Resumes prepared: 215
Jobs applied for: 680
Clothing provided: 32
Temporary jobs found: 7
Part-time jobs found: 14
Permanent full-time jobs found: 10

Total jobs in April: 31

Congratulations to all the people who found work through the IRC last month–and to Employment Specialist Will Howard and the dedicated volunteers who helped them.  Finding a job is no small feat these days, especially for those who may have been out of work for a while and are also trying to get a grip on other aspects of their lives.  This is where our comprehensive approach really pays off: we can help a job seeker with everything from a medical assessment to getting a replacement ID to finding a shelter bed while he or she is also looking for work.

These days it’s not unusual for someone to put in 150 applications before getting a nibble.  We encourage everyone looking for a job to take our three-day Job Skills class.  During the class participants learn how to sell themselves (a great group of volunteer businesspeople help us conduct mock interviews); we also help job seekers prepare professional-looking resumes and cover letters.    When a person finally does get that call we can offer him or her a nice outfit for the interview if need be and bus passes to get to the interview and back; once the person gets the job we can also help out with 11-ride bus passes until the first paycheck–we don’t want anyone to lose a job in the first couple of weeks because of transportation problems.

It’s not easy and it takes time, but it works.  We couldn’t be more proud of all the men and women who stuck it out and are now back in the community employed and self-sufficient.

About Interactive_Resource_Center

Day resource center for those experiencing homelessness in Greensboro, NC.
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