In just one day…..

This Monday, May 21 we saw 202 people.  Of those people 176 or 87% were homeless, 14 were veterans and 26 were new to the IRC.  While they were at the IRC 61 people used the computer lab, 14 people checked their mail, 10 people sat down with a case manager, 15 people saw the medical nurse, 5 people saw the mental health/substance abuse nurse, and 18 people sought housing counseling, 4 of them because they were experiencing an acute housing emergency.  In addition our 202 guests did 21 loads of laundry, took 27 showers, received 11 referrals for clothing and food and applied for 2 free cell phones.

And in just one month…..

April 2012 Snapshot

Resumes prepared: 215
Temporary jobs found: 7
Part-time jobs found: 14
Full-time permanent jobs found: 10

Emergency shelter placements: 22
Transitional housing: 5
Residential treatment: 1
Permanent housing by household: 11
Total adults assisted with permanent housing: 16
Total children assisted with permanent housing: 10

How do we do it!?
With a lot of help from our friends!

The IRC could not operate without our volunteers and our community partners.  Every one of our departments (housing, employment counseling, facilities, etc.) is managed by a single paid staff member who orchestrates a huge number of volunteers every week.  In April alone volunteers donated 1,772 hours of service to the IRC (it’s worth noting that 353, or close to 20 percent, of those hours came from guest-volunteers).  The Independent Sector, a national advocacy group for non-profits, calculates that the fair market value of a volunteer hour in North Carolina is $18.80–that adds up to over $30,000-worth of time and talent donated to the IRC every month!

About Interactive_Resource_Center

Day resource center for those experiencing homelessness in Greensboro, NC.
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