8 year olds, The Strasser Family, Ninjas, and the IRC- It truly takes a community!

Elliot Hopkins is 8 years old (8 and a half) and is the philanthropist behind Elliot’s Ninja Art. If wisdom could be defined as the combination of intelligence and compassion, then Elliot is uniquely wise beyond his years. Struck by the epidemic of homelessness, and moved by the people he saw, Elliot now creates and selling drawings of ninja’s to benefit Greensboro’s homeless.

Elliot dropped by the IRC on Monday to drop off another donation- this time of $250.00. He wanted to be sure that his gift would be matched by the generous Strasser Family Matching Gift Drive, happening until the end of the month. It most certainly will!

The IRC and our guests are fortunate to have such creative and dedicated support, from the Strasser Family to young Elliot Hopkins… to you, reading this page.

Thank you each kindly.


See the interview with Elliot on Digtriad.com!

About Interactive_Resource_Center

Day resource center for those experiencing homelessness in Greensboro, NC.
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