The IRC Story

The Interactive Resource Center is an innovative day resource center for people experiencing homelessness or trying to keep from becoming homeless in Guilford County, North Carolina. Opening as a temporary volunteer run day center run in the harsh winter of 2008-2009, the need for the IRC became quickly evident, and the temporary resource simply never closed.

Since this time, the IRC has moved into a sunny and inviting 22,000-square-foot building on the eastern edge of Greensboro’s downtown business district includes. The IRC offers fundamental services (showers, laundry, etc), services that create a solid foundation (mail services, computer lab and other services allowing people to create connections), and services that help build esteem and create self sufficiency (shelter referrals, case management,  classes, support groups, etc). 

Beyond this extensive list of services, we are a community platform for ideas and creative solutions to homelessness.  We provide space for our community partners to best serve their target populations, and we  provide a unique location for community members to interact with and develop relationships with each other. 

IRC Mission Statement: “The Interactive Resource Center assists people who are homeless, recently homeless or facing homelessness reconnect with their own lives and with the community at large.” 

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