The Empowerment Fund

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3 Responses to The Empowerment Fund

  1. Pearlie Williams says:


    • Thanks for your question.

      The IRC is funding through a variety of sources, like all not-for-profits. The majority of our support (52%) comes from individuals who support our mission. Approximately 15% of our funding comes from public funding (support from local government) and another 18% comes from grants and foundations who support our mission.

      With any other questions, please feel free to contact Gwen, our Fund Development Manager, at

      Thank you for your interest.

    • Hello Pearlie,

      The IRC is funded through a variety of means- we are careful to diversify our funding to increase our stability. More than half of our funding comes from individuals donors- a fact that we are very proud of because it represents our broad community support. Other major support comes from the City of Greensboro and Guilford County, as well as a wide range of corporate and family foundations, faith institutions, and other groups.

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