Meet the IRC Staff

6 Responses to Meet the IRC Staff

  1. Joii Gill says:

    How do I apply for open positions to work at the IRC?

  2. Daphne Shaw says:

    Do you have a microwave oven? What else do you have?

  3. Carissa Crews says:

    Hi I am a college student who attends UNCG and a Public Health major. Last night myself and my organization donated bags of blankets for the shelter. My group was wondering if there are other ways to volunteer anf help to please let me know and I can pass along that information. You may email at thank you so much!

    • hello,

      thank you for your donation and support!

      one of the BIGGEST things we need at the IRC right now is help spreading the word. Certainly we think about homelessness frequently during cold and dangerous weather, but for many of our guests it is a year round issue… long nights throughout the year. The IRC is dedicated to ending homelessness… and we think we do that best through our critical day services that support the resiliency of individuals experiencing homelessness. Please follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter feed and share our stories and information with your friends, family and the groups to which you belong.

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