Temperatures drop dramatically; IRC Opens as Emergency Shelter

As temperatures drop to to the teens tomorrow night in an unexpected early cold spell for the area, the Interactive Resource Center will open as an emergency shelter at 7 PM Tuesday, November 18th.

Area year-round shelters are already at capacity, and other winter area shelters are slated to open December 1st, leaving a critical gap for people experiencing homelessness in the upcoming weeks.

Predicting that year round and winter shelters will remain at full capacity over the winter, the IRC and the City of Greensboro have collaborated to create a plan for emergency situations.  The IRC will operate as the first tier of an overflow plan to provide warmth and safety to those who could be at risk this winter.  The IRC is approved to provide bed space to 40 individuals seeking refuge, and additionally will open another area of our building as a “Warming Center” for up to 75 individuals. The IRC’s total capacity in these emergency situations is 115.

Additionally, the IRC is committed to providing shelter to anyone who needs it, regardless of their legal status or status as an IRC guest. In other words, if someone has been previously removed from IRC property, they are welcome to stay in the emergency shelter operation if necessary. Because of this policy, the IRC is able to shelter individuals who may not be able to be sheltered elsewhere.

During severe weather, the IRC will turn into a 24 hour emergency operation, providing our day services as usual, and transforming into a shelter at night. Due to this strain on our staffing and resources, we are seeking volunteers and donations.

If you are interested in volunteering for our shelter operations, please contact gwen@gsodaycenter.org. 



If you are in need of shelter tonight during severe weather, please contact us at:


If you are  registered sex offender,  YOU MAY access services at the IRC Emergency Shelter… you will NOT be barred.

If you have previously been removed from IRC property due to an incident, YOU MAY come to the IRC Emergency Shelter. Please alert the front desk of the situation and ask to speak with a staff member.

*Please help to spread the word!*

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