Help us build The World’s Largest (in Greensboro) Blanket Fort!

A great way for kids to get involved with helping the people in our city who sleep homeless, the IRC is building the World’s Largest (in Greensboro) Blanket Fort!

The idea came from a little boy who wanted to help folks who were homeless and LOVED to build blanket forts.  His mama made his dreams come true by having his friends build a enormous blanket fort for his birthday, donating the blankets to the Interactive Resource Center.  64 blankets were raised.

Back by the demand of seven year olds across Greensboro, the IRC will be sponsoring this event on Sunday, January 11th from 3 PM to 5 PM.  Families of all ages are encouraged to come to this free event, bringing a gently used blanket, sleeping bag, or bottle of HE laundry detergent to donate to the cause.  Adult guardians are required to stay with their children during this event.

Blanket Fort 2015

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