Tiny Houses Greensboro– could a tiny home community work to help the homeless in Greensboro?

A community group– Tiny Houses Greensboro– has formed in the IRC community and is looking at the ways that small scale living might assist individuals as they transition out of homelessness.

Interest in small housing alternatives has burgeoned in the United States in recent years, and several cities have integrated this interest with developing small housing programs for people coming out of homelessness.

Could something like this work in Greensboro? That is the question that Tiny Houses Greensboro, IRC guests and volunteers, and other community groups such as Resources for Artful Living (REAL) are asking.

In October, REAL and Tiny Houses Greensboro sponsored a Tiny House Building Workshop where a prototype home was built. Participants created a tiny home on a trailer, which is being housed temporarily in the IRC parking lot for all to see.

What does a tiny house prototype do for our community?

This prototype helps the community do four things:

1. Having a real-life model of a tiny home allows us to work with inspectors to work out any kinks in the design and figure out any changes necessary to make small homes a feasible option for Greensboro.

2. Creating a prototype helps the community actualize the costs of the project, and determine if tiny homes can be a cost-effective, affordable solution to homelessness.

3. Creating a real-life model allows IRC guests who are experiencing homelessness to inspect, tour, and offer feed back on what they would like to see in a potential tiny home community.

4.  This project will create a place… literally… for community members to put their heads together and congregate. From here, we can figure out ways that we each can contribute to the potential development of a tiny home community in Greensboro. #communityworks

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