Let’s have a day of GIVING, Greensboro!

Web Banner Giving TuesdayWe have our day of buying. Let’s have a day of GIVING!

This year, the IRC will show North Carolina how giving Greensboro really is!

On Giving Tuesday December  2cd -- the IRC will be hosting its biggest donation drive of the year!  Getting involved is simple: pick up your Giving Tuesday donation box from the IRC, complete with flyers and donation lists, and go to the givingest place in your life!

Families may choose to put their box out on their front porch, and invite friends, neighbors and family to drop items in.

Professionals may choose to put their box on the edge of their desk or in the break room, and invite colleagues to drop items in.

Business might put the box in their waiting room or counter, and ask customers to contribute.

Youth groups might go door to door.

However you do it, bring the box back to the IRC on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2cd, so we can show that Greensboro might be North Carolina’s GIVINGEST CITY! 

Please contact Gwen at the IRC to sign up for your box: gwen@gsodaycenter.org or 336-253-4649.

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