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The IRC works with community partners to make a "one stop shop" for people needing services.

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Offers onsite, adult education classes free of charge

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Family Services of the Piedmont

Offers free services to patients of all ages

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Share the Harvest

Redistibutes fresh produce to those in need

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Bicycling In Greensboro

Offers bike repair and bikes for transportation

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Congregational Nurse Program

Substance abuse and mental health support

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Tiny Goat

Design and web services for nonprofits

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Empowerment Fund

Developing successful businesses, generating income and building assets.

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Greensboro Voice

Monthly newspaper about homelessness and poverty, raising awareness about these important social issues.

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Tiny Houses Greensboro

A coalition to support people experiencing homelessness.

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Americorps Partnership to End Homelessness

Network of national service programs that meet educational, public safety, environmental, homeland security, and other human service needs.

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Artifacts Cooperative

Greensboro’s unbuttoned, no ties, unshined shoes community who work together to endorse and sell local art. Because we all are artists, entrepreneurs, goal-setters, and goal-reachers.

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NCAT and UNCG offer students a non-traditional opportunity to complete their internship requirements by providing community-based social work services to Greensboro area congregants/residents.

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Greensboro Food Not Bombs

Serving free meals to the community by cutting into the waste created by the food industry. Food is a right, not a privilege.

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Greensboro Housing Coalition

Advocates for fair, decent, affordable housing for low and moderate income people and those with special needs - offering referrals, information and education.

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Central Carolina Worker Justice Center

CCWJC will be a place where low-wage workers can organize and take collective action to achieve racial and economic justice in Central Carolina communities.