Meet the IRC Staff

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7 Responses to Meet the IRC Staff

  1. Myckalle' McClain says:

    I’d like to reach Tiffany about upcoming events so that I may inform my Social Entrepreneurship classmates. Because they are seeking more ways to help!!

  2. I Satt says:

    what services can you provide for me? i am unemployed, benefits were denied, about to lose my car, and become evicted

    • Come by the IRC during the weekdays, anytime between 8 AM and 2 PM. At the front desk, Ms. Jane will sign you in, and you will have what we call an “intake.” The intake will help us determine who you need to speak to to help address your current situation. This could be help applying for jobs, developing a resume, finding affordable housing, etc. We also have staff who could look at your benefits situation, and help connect you to folks who may be able to help. At the IRC we realize that there are many factors that contribute to experiencing homelessness (as you have pointed out), and that we need to address all of them to make sure that we are successful and make it through. We look forward to meeting you!

    • Hi! Come on down to the IRC Monday to Friday 8 AM to 3PM (get there before one if you want services the same day) and you can sign up to work with our Jobs Program (help finding jobs, resume help, computer assistance, Job Skills Class, etc) and connect with a housing counselor (come up with a plan in case you are evicted). Also, we work with a law firm to help look at benefit applications. First you will need to do an intake, which you just come in and sign up for at the front desk.

      Best of luck!

  3. Amy says:

    i have a friend who has recently become homeless . He has recently gotten a job, however is haveing a hard finding a place and the funds for a deposit and first months rent. can you guys help?

    • Getting a job is a first, and incredibly important, first step. The IRC recognizes that it is hard to get each of these puzzle pieces into place all at once… and one needs a job to get a home, a home to be able to maintain a job, etc. This sounds like something the IRC would really like to help with. Suggest that your friend come see us at the IRC, one block down from the Depot on Washington Street downtown. We open at 8 AM, and the sooner he or she comes in, the better. They will first meet with an intake worker, and then will likely be directed to the housing department to start the process of finding a healthy, stable place to stay.

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