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A place to be.

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Personal Care

The IRC offers daily showers for men, women, and non-gender conforming individuals. Hygiene products available. The IRC also offers haircuts and grooming services by liscensed barbers. Please see daily schedule.

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The IRC offers daily laundry services. Please see daily schedule.

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The IRC provides a location for guests to recieve mail. Please speak with the front desk for details. Please see daily schedule for mail call times.

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Case Management

The IRC provides confidential case management, referral services, shelter referrals, and counseling. See daily schedule.

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The IRC provides a phone bank and unique phone numbers for IRC guests during open hours.

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ID/Document Recovery

The IRC provides assistance replacing lost ID's, transcripts, birth certificates and other documentation.

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Medical Help

Basic nurse services, mental health and addiction support are offered at the IRC. See daily schedule.

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The IRC offers educational opportunities, arts opportunities and opportunities for guests to engage in community. Please see Projects and Daily Schedule for details.

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Jobs and Education Program

The IRC provides resume assistance, job skills classes, employment search and application assistance. Career development classes are offered onsite by GTCC. Please see daily schedule for more.